These listed here are the forms of pay used in affiliate marketing in order to achieve desired marketing goals.


The Cost per Click (also known as PPC - Pay per Click) and is precisely the discriminating between traditional planning and one on performance as you can pay for each click received by the hype.


Or Cost per Impressions (or Cost Per Thousand - CPT) has agreed to pay the cost per thousand impressions (or thousand impressions) of that advertising campaign.


Cost per Action literally (or Cost per Acquisition) allows you to pay a percentage or a fixed price upon completion of a defined action (click, registration, sales, etc). It 'very used in affiliate marketing and can be seen as a business expense rather than an average cost.


With CPI refers to Cost to Install or cost for installation. This form of gain is used in promoting mobile campaigns (applications).


Is simply the Cost Per Lead, or the cost for the completion of a form or a subscription to a newsletter. And 'particularly it used in case of necessity of construction of a profile database.


Or Cost per Sale is the cost paid for each sale generated from an online ad or an affiliate link.


It stands for Cost per Order, and indicates the monetary cost that is paid for having developed an order online. The CPO is used primarily for e-commerce sites, making online sales.


Cost means for Engagement and the advertiser pays only when users actively interact with ads. For example, when users choose to interact with it by placing the mouse pointer over for two seconds to expand them.


Cost per Visitor is an ad template based on which advertisers pay for the delivery of a targeted visitor to the advertiser's website.