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Real Time Tracking

Earn With Domix uses the latest generation of systems to track in real time any kind of activity. From simple click of an conversion.

No SDK Required

Our company does not need integration Tracking SDK. We use the integration Postbacks, this constantly provides real-time statistics.

Risk Free Model

With us, anyone have campaigns to advertise, can freely promote them on our network, and choose the most effective payment plan to rapidly achieve the predetermined goals.

Our Company

Earn With Domix is a fast growing International Performance Marketing Network.
Our company based in UK and Germany, since 2014 help publishers to monetize in the best way their traffic sources and advertisers in the promotion of ad campaigns reaching the desire targeting.
Earn With Domix work with all type of deals: CPA, CPL, CPI, CPE, CPM, CPS and CPC.
We can procure traffic Incent & Non Incent with the completing of the KPI’s.

Our platform offers real-time statistics and optimization of sources with the distinction of infos about the traffic based on:

  • Country; 
  • Device;
  • Os Version;
  • Language;
  • City;
  • State;
  • Carrier;
  • Timezone.

Our goal is based on creation of ad-hoc campaigns helping our partners to spend their budget in the best possible way and generate large ROI percentages.

The benefits that Earn With Domix offer are:

  • Campaigns in 150+ countries;
  • Dedicated AM via Skype & Mail;
  • Intelligent Ad Mediation;
  • DSP Platform (In Developing);
  • Most famous payments methods (PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer);
  • Daily, Weekly, By-Monthly and Monthly payments available;
  • 30.000+ WorldWide Offers;
  • 5.000+ Top Converting Offers;
  • Custom Promotional Creatives;
  • All Verticals available: Dating, Gambling, Trading, Shopping, Food, Games, Social, Utilities and Adult.